Our Thoughts, Written Down

Winning is not a sometimes thing….. We can’t force our clients to do anything. Sometimes we want to, because we know that simple, steady execution wins. Here is our advice to all current and future clients about how to win. Treat it like a checklist, any questions, let us know.

I‘ve been wrestling (for years now) over how to tell this little story of mine, a true one, but one that might be easy to believe, but likely would have little impact on any one person or company. The wrestling I’ve been doing is whether to even tell it. Today

I have learned more from my own mistakes than I ever learned in school. Not that I didn’t learn anything in school, but I’ve never forgotten the lessons I’ve learned from spending my own money or the more precious asset, my time. In mentoring start-ups, inevitably the discussion comes up

Building a website is very different than recovering one. Most people think what they have created is good, of course they do. Building something based on feelings and opinions, vs. solid design principals and years of experience can cause that. This is why when humans are told they need surgery,

Before we go even one word further, we debated at length whether we should put the word ‘turd’ in a subject line. For the record, I voted yes. This has been a common term for many years, outside of web designer parties, it is less common. Almost offensive. It starts

In the last ten years, we have been through many things along side our clients. We could make a giant list of things we’ve done. We won’t. We’ll keep it simple. As a consultancy based agency, we often have dialog with our clients in the following 3 categories; we share

Circa 1992, about 2:00am my 386/33 with a SoundBlaster Pro gets my attention. ACHTUNG! I am in the middle of an all night, can’t save as you go epic battle with Castle Wolfenstein. It not only was designed to get my attention, but I think scare me awake. Fast Forward

The label “idea man’ has it’s merits, but no entrepreneur wants to be called that. As the execution of the idea, adding customers, growing the features based on demand, earning revenue, building value, creating barriers to entry is the real objective. Ideas are like opinions, everybody has them…wait. They don’t

I never thought of it when I was the entrepreneur pitching, but I think of it every time I am being pitched as an investor or potential board member. Good Lord…Cat Juggling. It’s a big old school reference, if you don’t know it, or want a reminder. Watch this. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEs6O2NGdrs[/youtube]

“You can’t do that, you think you can, but you can’t.” – Marlin

What a horrible message to the entire youth of our great world, courtesy of Nemo’s Dad. Way to go Marlin. I think true entrepreneurs are numb to what people tell them they can’t do. They might

Recently, out riding a new trail with my son; I shared a few things about riding that I’ve experienced mostly through a few visits to the ER. I am reminded by my scars from stitches and bumps in my repaired bones. 1. Look ahead – way ahead and then just

There are things in life that are instinctual, they are part of our nature. There are things in life that you learn, these are part of our nurture…then there are things that are neither. Some skills come from this grey area called common sense. You know these skills are not

In the last month, I’ve had the chance to meet THREE intelligent entrepreneurs. I’ve met more, three had awesome ideas and I think they have what it takes. But they all miss something that I’ve learned is an important catalyst to their potential success. I call it the ‘Save As…’

Why? Great Whites don’t need to Pivot.

The (1) Willingness to evolve and the (2) Requirement to evolve or die are two different things.

In a simple examination of why business fails, it is simply that the demand is not there for the supply created, at the price offered. Simple

The reason I love most things is either because they listen to me or because they deliver what they promise. In both cases, the real world dictates that the beginning of a relationship starts with a period of unknown, one that is full of guessing, assumptions and half baked conclusions.