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CoPilot Investors
We help CoPilot with due dillgence fact finding and technology initiatives for their portfolio.

Disclosure - 8ONE8 Founder David Armstrong has a financial interest in CoPilot.

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Systemized Intelligence
Systemized Intelligence offers companies testing methodologies to better put personalities with job functions and career paths to reach better productivity, employee satisfaction and retention goals.

What did we do….
8ONE8 helped the founder navigate the technology landscape, provided competitor matrix, evaluated marketing vendors and created a 3 year month to month “What If” financial model.

CPDN – Cooperaive Production and Distribution Network –
CPDN had a hardware/software solution for local TV channel management, providing a single solution for a local point of collection and distribution software. Its initial service was to Spanish Fork Community Network. CPDN formed multiple advertising network deals in the Provo/Orem area.
CPDN was acquired by Paradigm after initial growth.

What did we do….
8ONE8 supported the founders in creating their company structure, financial projects, review of joint venture contracts and ongoing opportunity to leverage their technology.