Product Development

Perfect Never

Development of your idea is a careful process. It is treated like a baby, as it should. You must accept, that no matter what, it will never be perfect. By taking the time to make it perfect, you miss opportunity, waste time and money. If you don’t have an open |  Continue Reading →


SCRUM Methods

The days of killing trees and time with requirements docs is over.  Agile development methods solve many problems, some of which are the lower cost and time frame to deliver. Most important though, is that it produces a much better product. The SCRUM method, or adapted version we use is |  Continue Reading →


Digital Products

Source: About Face 2.0 – Alan Cooper So many ideas, so little analysis.  Three people should weight in on every opportunity.  They need to be smart, they need to validate assumptions and bring value to the table.  Guessing is not OK. D = there is demand…people want it, your marketing |  Continue Reading →



Broadcast Tower Marketing

For years, now almost decades, websites have been seen as destinations. Places for people to visit, offers for people to land on, optimized to be found. The ability to broadcast has always been innate, like even our own human abilities, often not fully understood or leveraged to it’s potential. A |  Continue Reading →


Funnel Cake is Bad

Go to a local fair, the longest line is at the funnel cake mobile bakery on wheels. Dough, fried, with powdered sugar, easy to understand, yummy to eat. We like it too, but 100% of the people know it is not good for you. Internet marketers are lazy. We know |  Continue Reading →


Reed’s Law

If you watched the social media video (no? watch here) you might be puzzled how facebook added 100 million users in less than 9 months. Simple answer…Reed’s Law. Here is the 8ONE8 version:  Human beings do things.  They typically do things either alone, or with other people.  Regardless of what |  Continue Reading →


Adwords Tuneup

Google makes adwords too easy, and makes marketers lazy.  It becomes a ‘bidding’ war and everyday the margin of sales decreases as Google makes more money.  95% of Google revenue comes from advertising. the words of Sam Gerard, that is a lot of money.  Most marketers lose focus, too |  Continue Reading →



Conversion Funnel

A – Bounce Rate – aka…Fear Rate What percentage of site visits are do something? or do nothing? No action at all = fear = bounce = wasted money. Look For: Opportunities to improve your trust, initial clarity, quality of traffic, landing pages. Target: 85% or better B – Overall |  Continue Reading →


Conversion Flow

Ok this one is a bit more ugly than the others. It’s the concept we want to convey. The source of traffic is from anywhere, but the flow of conversion is the same. Don’t mistake this for our endorsement of ‘all traffic is the same mentality’….failure happens when you do |  Continue Reading →


Conversion Cycle

Many marketers focus on the wrong thing.   They focus on what THEY think is right and sometimes forget that the customer, each of them individually decide what is right, what they want. Often web pages are dumbed down to the lowest common denominator and it produces horrible conversion. must |  Continue Reading →


Conversion Focus

A focus on more traffic, without fixing conversion, only continues the average experience potential customers have when visiting your web site. If you are average, you lose. Every moment that goes by, your traffic will be more costly as you compete for search engine rankings or pay per click placements. Doing |  Continue Reading →