Stale content on your website turns away prospects, be more dynamic, it’s easy.

When a new customer visits your website, they take two steps; (1) do they trust you? and the (2) do you offer potential value? By having stale content, or a lack of content, you will lose potential customers. Keeping your website fresh takes a priority, it will bring more customers.

Updating your website with valuable content and automatically distributing it via social networks, email newsletters drives loyalty.

Our Process
8ONE8 becomes an extension of your company. We do two things; (1) review daily news for articles appropriate to your blog/newsletter, (2) update your website with any content provided by you or members of your team. We make this very easy for you and your team. We simply provide you an email that you can send updates to, we review/edit and post within 24 hours.

Our Promise
We build website trust and customer loyalty through the real-time update and distribution of your content. We have a full time staff that posts any and all updates to your website. It becomes a focal point for your existing customersand we turn your website into a point of trust, driving more sales. potential customers. It is easy for you and good for your business.

What you get
We provide an email address that is just for you, email us from anywhere, anytime. We’ll drive articles to your website based on criteria set by you, distribute these updates to your facebook account, twitter or your automate your newsletter.

A few links to get your started….

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