What is ‘IT’?

8ONE8 becomes your IT team; we are on-call, helping you with anything you need IT.

8ONE8 helps companies without an IT team, it works really simple and well for clients who need/want additional help.

We do recognize that either as a byproduct of your business being busy, you need it done quickly or that you’d rather pay for it than try it yourself, we can easily step up to helping maintain your IT needs; whether it is your website, your blog, office network, PC software or that error message that won’t go away.

Our Process
You make a deposit based on an estimated one months work; minimum $1,000 deposit.
Then we reduce the amount over time depending on what services you use (just like a bank account).

You don’t lose what you don’t use, it just says in your account for next month.
It is not necessary to deposit money each month, it is just based on your anticipated usage.

The process is simple; you make requests, we reply with total cost; hours + price.
If the request is more of a ‘project’…we’ll let you know; simple changes are done for free.

At the end of each month, we review together your upcoming plans and decide if an additional deposit is needed. Your account never expires.

There are two pricing tiers; 5 day turn around and 24 hour turn around.

1. Content – Adding content, editing content;
2. Graphics – Creative, Design, Logo;
3. Programming – PHP, CSS, Database;
4. Consulting – Analytics, Conversion, SEO;
5. PC Helpdesk – Computer Setup, Email Creation, Network setup, Backup;

Remember, you request and agree to each action before we get started; no surprises.

Our Promise
8ONE8 prioritizes your requests and they are logged and tracked for response and resolution measurements.

This approach enables you to control your needs and costs, with pre-established pricing.
Our goal is to always work towards an ROI for you.

What you get
8ONE8 is a team of experts, we treat our team well and they treat you well. Your business grows and your IT worries are eliminated.