Need to get results, let us provide a strong marketing mix approach.

You may have a website already, but it is not generating the business you want.  Let us get some people visiting your website.  By a combination of online pay per click advertising, email marketing, social networking and conversion best practices, the ROI will be quick and ongoing.

Our Process
8ONE8 measures results. The proper mix will get you the best results. There are two specific costs you must measure, (1) the cost per visitor and (2) the cost per acquisition. Many companies can ‘fake it’ and get you plenty of traffic. Your cost per visitor is LOW, but you get no new customers, so your cost per acquisition is high. Of course, we could bring the perfect customer, but it would only be one new sale, that doesn’t work either.

Our Promise
We will measure, measure, measure. We will compare the results, both for visitors and and acquisitions and calculate the cost per visitor and acquisition; month to date, year to date, etc. We use a creative approach grounded in delivering measurable results.

What you get
We will work with you to identify your target customers, educate you on the different pros/cons of online marketing approaches, install Google analytics, setup reports and then define your online marketing strategy. Understanding your product, your target audience and the proper approach, the right mix of marketing dollars, all for the purpose to maximize the return on your investment….more sales.

Ongoing, we evolve your keywords, add and edit your paid search campaigns, nurture your social networks and manage best in class email marketing.

A few links to get your started….

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