Have a lot of ideas and need help getting it done?

OR a bit tired of slow, costly, low quality software?

Our Process
8ONE8 delivers what you couldn’t do on your own. We get past the ‘cool’ and the ‘hype’. We bring the resources to set the strategic vision, create the plan, enhance the leadership and have the network of experts to get it all done. We work with you to think about the ‘could do’ and design a plan around what you ‘should do’. 8ONE8 uses a proprietary SCRUM based rapid development approach for technology based initiatives. Wow, sounds great, huh? find out more how it can help you exceed your goals.

Our Promise
We bring something you can’t find. Instant Team. Instant Expertise. Instant Value. We have heard often that our partners have made more progress in one week than the previous six months. Your risks are low, your costs are low and our commitment is high. 100% of our partners have signed with us after the initial consultation. Contact us, value starts on day one.

Our Pricing
For big projects, Agile Development is the only way. Our Agile Development fees are lower and we pass directly our savings from our worldwide contractors to our partners. We charge a weekly fee and it’s a real time contract, you only pay as you go.

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